The Wellness CATalog: Decoding curious cat behaviors and finding food to fit each

Cat hunting for tasty treats

We get it, cat parenthood is hard to navigate! From decoding strange cat behaviors to finding that favorite recipe, you’re constantly solving puzzles to keep your cat happy and healthy. But we’re here to help! At Wellness Natural Pet Food, we know that no two cats are alike and what we choose to feed them not only nourishes them from the inside, but impacts how they look and behave on the outside. Our recipes fit the tastes of any personality or palate while providing the natural nutrition they need.

So whether your cat is always on the prowl, a couch potato who just likes to snuggle, or somewhere in between, we’ve got something for them, Catisfaction Guaranteed. Catisfaction Guaranteed means that Wellness stands by our products and guarantees you’ll find a tasty, healthy option your cat loves, risk-free. Love it or return it!

We’ve identified 8 unique personality types for our feline friends and the food we’d recommend for each. Read through to look for your cat’s personality and Wellness recipe suggestion, along with insight into cats’ behavior from Wellness veterinarian, Dr. Danielle Bernal. If your cat’s type is missing, post a note on the Wellness Facebook Community so we can provide a recommendation for you.

1. The Hunter

Is your cat always on the go? Does he run around the neighborhood or house, tiger-like, on the hunt for his next big catch?

Dr. Bernal Insight:
Though domestication for cats occurred 6,000 years ago, they’ve always had a high dependency on hunting to survive. Even today’s cats still show these hunting traits as it has only been 50 years since commercial pet food has been able meet their animal protein nutritional needs.

Try Wellness CORE 95%: Perfect for active cats in touch with their wild roots. CORE 95% is high in meat and protein to provide plenty of energy for adventurous kitties who need a re-fuel after scaling your curtains and “hunting” toy mice.

2. Persnickety Pete

Your cat is pickier than most kids. He sits, stares and paws at his food, unsatisfied no matter what you put in his dish.

Dr. Bernal Insight:
Fussiness is a trait that actually evolved out of a cat’s ability to protect themselves, helping them compensate for any nutritional deficiencies that may occur from only eating one thing and preventing them from eating foods that have the potential to make them ill.

Try Wellness CORE Simply Shreds: Stop your fussy cat from turning his nose up at nutritious, grain-free dry food by mixing or topping with CORE Simply Shreds, made with four simple, meaty ingredients. He’ll be meowing for more!

3. The Golden Girl (or Boy!)

Your cat has been there, done that—and now she wants to relax on the back of the couch and enjoy the life of leisure that she’s earned throughout the years.

Dr. Bernal Insight:
Age-related changes can alter an animal’s daily energy needs, change the amounts and type of protein and fat needed, and modify levels of minerals and vitamins required. For older cats, look for functional nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for joint health, prebiotics for healthy digestion and L-carnitine to help maintain weight.

Try Wellness Complete Health Senior: For wise, mature cats enjoying their retirement, Complete Health Senior features the WellFlex system to keep hips and joints limber, and fiber and L-Carnitine to support a laid-back lifestyle.

4. The Social Butterfly

Does your cat walk all over your laptop when you’re trying to work or crawl under you when you’re working out in the living room? He can’t leave you (or your guests) alone until he gets some well-deserved attention.

Dr. Bernal Insight:
Cats are often called solitary creatures stemming from their preference to hunt alone, but overall, cats are social and show it in different ways. For some, that means hours of being petted while others prefer walking past you for a stroke or two.

Try Wellness Complete Health Paté: Just like the friendly companion who greets you at the door each day, Complete Health Pate is the perfect choice for your cat. Smooth and soft, Complete Health is tasty nutrition in a wide flavor variety.

5. The Bottomless Pit

When other cat parents complain about their picky eaters, you have no idea what they’re talking about. Even though you feed him twice a day, your cat acts like he’s starving, always ready for the next meal.

Dr. Bernal Insight:
Cats can show signs of excessive hunger if something is upsetting them, like worms or hyperthyroidism. If they’re healthy, it may be time to check that they are eating their recommended amount of food, or look into food dispensing cat toys that mirror their instinctual hunting activities and make the meal last longer.

Try Wellness CORE Indoor dry: Voracious kitties stay satiated with filling CORE Indoor. And with 10% less calories than Original, CORE Indoor will help keep your cat at a healthy weight (even if you add a little more to their dish).

6. The Unlikely Pairing

You have, two, or three, or four cats – which also means many competing personalities. It’s nearly impossible to figure how to satisfy them all!

Dr. Bernal Insight:
While your cats may socialize throughout the day, they often prefer to eat alone in a low-stress environment since cats are solitary hunters. Consider different feeding times or potentially different rooms to make sure each cat is getting their fill.

Try Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Adult: In a multi-cat home, this recipe is a crowd pleaser! This grain-free diet is highly-digestible in both young and old cats. Even if your cats have different personalities, they’ll agree on this.

7. The Foodie

If your cat was human, would she be the first in line to test out the most popular dish at a hot new restaurant, ready for that Insta-worthy snap of her meal? She‘s a feline foodie who won’t accept anything other than the perfect combination of taste and texture.

Dr. Bernal Insight:
Cats preferentially eat foods with a 50/50 ratio of protein to fat. Temperature and texture can also contribute to food acceptance, so look for their preferred flavors and forms from a premium brand of cat food.

Try Wellness CORE Indoor Salmon & Herring: This recipe is a fan favorite among cats that savor the highest quality meals. Gentle on stomachs and a popular recipe that a lot of cats do well on, it’s grain- & poultry-free.

8. Confident

Your cat has that one spot on the couch he loves, refusing to sit anywhere else. He only plays with that one toy, everything else gets left aside. And when it comes to his food? He know exactly what he likes.

Dr. Bernal Insight:
While domestic environments give cats a plethora of choice, for some cats, their wild ancestor traits still shine through, allowing them to know exactly what they need and like.

Try Wellness Complete Health Gravies: For headstrong, stubborn kitties who know what they like—gravy, and lots of it! Grain-free, healthy nutrition in an absolutely indulgent form that will make even the most discerning cats feel spoiled.

Contributor: Dr. Danielle Bernal

Dr. Bernal has over a decade of experience in veterinary medicine, specializing in animal nutrition. In her role as on-staff veterinarian with Wellness Pet Food, she educates pet parents on the importance of natural ingredients like wholesome meats and nutrient-rich superfoods. She passionately believes that proper nutrition helps pets lead happier, healthier lives. Dr. Bernal has been featured in radio, TV and print stories in numerous countries.

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